Drivability Symptoms Checklist
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Check all that apply.
  1. The vehicle's CHECK ENGINE light:  Glows Steadily  Glows Intermittently  Never Comes On
  2. While operating the starter, my vehicle:  Will not crank  Cranks slowly  Cranks normally
  3. When starting, my vehicle:  Will not start  Starts normally  Starts and dies  Is difficult to start when cold  Is difficult to re-start when hot
  4. While Idling, my vehicle:  Will not idle  Idles too low  Idles too high  Idles rough  Surges (up and down)  Backfires  Idles normally
  5. While driving, my vehicle:  Backfires  Pings (Spark knock, detonation)  Smokes excessively  Runs too hot  Runs too cold  Has black exhaust  Has blue exhaust  Has white exhaust  Has a fuel or gas odor  Hesitates  Stumbles  Stalls  Surges  Lacks power (sluggish)  Misses  Cuts out  Stalls when slowing or stopping   Vibrates excessively
  6. Other symptoms:  Transmission shifts Too soon  Transmission shifts Too late  Transmission shifts Normally  Poor fuel mileage  Emissions test failure or 'rotten egg' odor
  7. Other symptoms:
  8. Conditions of Occurrence
  9. Time:  Morning  Midday  Evening  Night
  10. Speed:  Idle  Low speed  Stop and Go  Highway (Cruise)  High speed  Acceleration  Deceleration
  11. Distance:  Less than 2 miles  From 2 to 10 miles  More than 10 miles
  12. Grade:  Uphill  Downhill
  13. Frequency of Conditions:  Always  Since New  Intermittently  
  14. Environmental conditions:  Cold Weather  Wet/Raining  Fog  Hot Weather  Snow  Dirt/Dust
  15. Engine Conditions:  Engine Cold  While Turning  Engine Hot  While Braking  All Temperatures  With Headlights ON  When Shifting  With A/C ON
  16. Driving Habits:  Start cold engine and drive immediately  Star cold engine and allow to warm up  Mostly highway driving  Mostly city driving  Park in garage  
    Average daily mileage
  17. Other symptoms or problems:

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