Suspension, Handling, Body Noises, Rattles and Squeaks

Diagnostic Worksheet

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Check all that apply.
Suspension and Handling Symptoms
Vehicle pulls right - When Suspension bottoms out Sits uneven
Vehicle pulls left - When Leans or sways in corners Dog tracks
Steering wheel vibrates at MPH Brake light on ABS light on
Excessive play in steering Traction control light on Soft ride
Erratic steering when braking Uneven tire wear Other
Poor steering wheel return after cornering
Hard to steer
Steering wheel off center Effort Wanders
Location of shimmy or vibration
Front Rear Can't tell
Seat Floor Other
When does it occur?
Cold days Hot days Wet/rain
All the time Intermittently During parking
At road speed Accelerating Decelerating
Noise Symptoms
  1. In Engine Compartment?:  Left  Right  Center  Can't tell
  2. In Front Suspension?:  Left  Right  Center  Can't tell
  3. In Rear Suspension?:  Left  Right  Center  Can't tell
  4. In Passenger Compartment?:  Left  Right  Center  Can't tell
  5. In Instrument Panel?:  Left  Right  Center  Can't tell
  6. In Doors?:  Left-front  Left-rear  Right-front  Right-rear  Can't tell
  7. Noise sounds like:  Knocks  Hard metal  Light metal  Roars  Ticking  Whine  Squeaks  Rattles  Scraping
  8. How often does noise occur?:  Continuous  Often  Intermittent  Just started  Since new
  9. When does noise occur?:  All the time  Speed  RPM  Only moving  On turns  Braking  Hard throttle  Light throttle  Decelerate  Steady speed  Idle in gear  Idle out of gear  Hot days  Cold days  Humid or rainy  Temperature  Heavy bumps  Light bumps  Smooth pavement
  10. Other Comments:

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