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Auto Services

Full Tire and Automotive Services

We provide a full spectrum of tire and automotive services.
Preventive MaintenancePreventive MaintenancePreventive vehicle maintenance includes a comprehensive inspection of key automotive components, the replacement of certain filters and gaskets, and selected adjustments, based on the current vehicle mileage. Preventive maintenance is recommended by all automotive manufactures to extend the serviceable life of your automobile.
Engine MaintenanceEnginesToday’s motors are designed to be lighter and more powerful to meet the modern emission standards. As a result, these motors work 2 to 3 times harder than the vehicles of the '70s and '80s. Oil changes and regular service work are a must to keep them running for a long time. The timing belt is a major component that is often overlooked and neglected. On many vehicles, when the timing belt breaks, pistons can collide with valves and damage the internal components of the motor, requiring major engine repair or replacement. Therefore routine timing belt replacement is strongly recommended. More on engine maintenance.
Air ConditionersWe perform complete automotive air conditioner problem diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. We use latest in technological testing equipment for leak detection and system repair. Converting your older R12 system to the newer R134a is a simple and money saving procedure to look into if you are serious about keeping your 1994 or older car. More refrigerant information. A/C glossary.

Having an Air Conditioner problem? Save time by filling out the Air Conditioning Symptoms Checklist before coming into our shop.

Tires & WheelsTire & WheelsOur tire and wheel services include accurate computerized front and rear wheel alignments; tire balancing; front-end alignments, CV boots and axles; wheel bearing replacement; shocks and struts. We offer a great selection of tires including tires from Goodyear, Kelly, and Lee.

Having a wheel alignment problem? Save time by filling out the Alignment Symptoms Checklist before coming into our shop.

SuspensionSuspensionWe inspect, repair and adjust suspension system, struts and shocks. Our parts for replacement are usually N.A.P.A. (Monroe), Gabriel, or Moog. We offer all wheel alignments when needed for all passenger cars, mini vans, full size vans and most light trucks. Diagnostic worksheet (suspension diagnosis section).
BrakesBrakesWe inspect brakes linings, brake hoses, calipers, master and wheel cylinders. We clean the master cylinder, flush the brake system, and add new brake fluid. We inspect, repair or lubricate, resurface, or replace disc brake lining, brake rotors, lubricate caliper slides and mounting hardware. We verify brake operation and test drive your vehicle. Full Antilock Brake System (A.B.S.) diagnosis is available and the know how to fix it right the first time. More information.
DrivabilityDrivabilityThe Check Engine or Service Engine Soon lights suddenly coming on are becoming an everyday occurrence. We do complete computer system diagnostics that determine the precise problem and repair it. We use a wide variety of computerized test equipment such as OTC 4000E, Tech II, and Genisys hand monitors, to get to the root of the trouble quickly. Sometimes fuel injection system cleaning needs to be done to solve the trouble and when needed we use BG44K or a Snap-On MotorVac machine to do it.

More information about On Board Diagnostic systems.

Driveability Symptom Checklist.
Tune-UpsEngine tune-upsModern cars have eliminated the need for traditional tune-ups. Some call for 100,000 miles tune-ups which usually lead to more problems such as seized sparkplugs and fuel pumps that are bad because of plugged fuel filters. We recommend for the older cars every 36,000 miles change out spark plugs, fuel filter and do a complete system inspection. For the newer cars with 100,000 mile cars we recommend fuel filters every 36,000 miles with double platinum spark plugs at 72,000 and complete system inspections then. More information.
Cooling SystemCooling SystemComplete cooling system service is available including leak testing, hose change outs, water pump, radiator, engine gasket and heater core repairs. We offer a complete system flush to thoroughly clean the system and replace the old antifreeze which will turn bad over time. Common cooling system questions.
Exhaust SystemExhaust PipesComplete exhaust system, diagnostics, servicing and repair including manifolds, and catalytic converters. More information.
TransmissionTransmissionInspect transmission mounts, linkage and overall condition; remove transmission pan and clean and inspect sump; replace transmission filter and pan gasket; flush torque converter, transmission cooler and lines; install transmission cooler and ATF fluid; road test vehicle.
DiagnosticsDiagnosticsA wide range of diagnostics are available from Check Engine and ABS lights to all other dash lights and vehicle electrical troubles. We find even the toughest system shorts that every one else has given up on!
Electrical SystemElectrical SystemToday’s vehicles have as many as 7 on-board computers in them controlling the engine, brakes, transmission, steering, suspension, air bags, and even the muffler. Along with this are miles of wiring and hundreds of connections, switches, solenoids and relays. These components are subjected to a wide variety of conditions from -30º to 400º temperatures under the hood, dirt, water and corrosive road salts. Never before has electrical system maintance and proper repair be so crucial. The ability to properly diagnosis and repair these components are a must for the longevity of the car.

We repair and maintain the complete automotive electrical system. This includes batteries, alternators, lights, starters, and electrical window and door components. More information.
Body HardwareBody Hardware - Window motorWe repair most vehicle hardware problems including windows, window motors, door handles, latches, all switches and heater controls etc. We will also locate and eliminate noises and squeaks. Diagnostic Worksheet (noise diagnosis section) or Wind Noise or Water Leak Worksheet.

State of the Art Wheel Alignment Tools
Hunter P411For proper alignment, we use a modern computerized, precise measuring instruments to troubleshoot all components involved in wheel alignment. Our main tool is the Hunter P411 Wheel Alignment System. It is a 32 bit, Windows 95 computer system with touch screen monitor and wireless communications. It’s specially designed wheel sensors communicate real-time to the computer, which displays the degree of adjustment accuracy through both graphic and numeric data. We use the best, so you get the best. Visit the Hunter website to learn more their wheel alignment systems.

We Test With The Best
SUN 450Our technicians use a variety of modern electronic diagnostic tools, including a fully loaded SUN Machine 450, which generates vehicle-specific engine diagnostics for thousands of vehicle models. SUN Machine 450 diagnostic software excels at communicating these vehicle-specific results to both technician and customer alike. Learn more about the Sun Machine 450.

We also use the OTC Genisys hand held diagnostic and information system. To learn more about the Genisys system visit the OTC website. OTC-Genisis

We test with the best, so you get the best.

The bottom line is that we can do a faster job of diagnosing automotive problems and more accurately calibrate automobile components.

AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty®
Napa AutoCare Center

Our service work is covered by the NAPA AutoCare Center "Peace of Mind" warranty - Good anywhere in the U.S.A.!

  • 6 months/6,000 miles on approved services
  • Covers parts and labor
  • Customer hotline
Bellevue Tire & Auto is a Napa AutoCare Center member and has agreed to follow the Napa AutoCare Center Code of Ethics.

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