Alignment Symptoms Checklist
To save time, please complete as much of the form as possible before coming into our shop and click send and we will have this completed information ready when you arrive. There is no mechanism for us to reply to this checklist.

Check all that apply.


  1. Does vehicle drift, lead or pull?   Yes   No   Left   Right   When braking   Sometimes  
  2. Does vehicle wander?   Yes   No   More at high speed   All the time  
  3. Does the vehicle vibrate?   Yes   No   If yes, the vehicle vibrates at: mph   At all speeds  
  4. Are the front tires worn irregularly?   Yes   No  
  5. Are the rear tires worn irregularly?   Yes   No  
  6. Is the steering wheel straight when driving straight ahead?   Yes   No  
  7. Does the steering seem loose?   Yes   No  
  8. Any unusual noises when going over bumps?   Yes   No  
  9. Other problems:
Wheel Alignment diagram

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