Air Conditioning Symptoms Checklist
To save time, please complete as much of the form as possible before coming into our shop and click Send and we will have this completed information ready when you arrive. There is no mechanism for us to reply to this checklist.

Check all that apply.
  1. The A/C system cools OK?  Yes  No  Sometimes
  2. Does the fan/blower work?  Yes  No
  3. Does the fan/blower work at all speeds?  Yes  No
  4. Is the fan/blower noisy?  Yes  No
  5. Do all the dash controls work OK?  Yes  No
  6. Do the vent, heater and defroster work OK?  Yes  No
  7. Is A/C noisy when turned on?  Yes  No
  8. Does car stall or idle funny when A/C is on?  Yes  No
  9. Does your car overheat?  Yes  No
  10. Has the A/C filter/dryer ever been replaced?  Yes  No
  11. Does A/C or heater smell?  Yes  No
  12. When was the A/C last serviced?  Within 3 months  Within 6 months  Within 1 year  Never  Don't know
  13. Other problems:

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