A/C Glossary

A storage tank and filter for the liquid refrigerant. Excess fluid is stored here and moisture is removed.
COMPRESSOR:Pressurizes the refrigerant gas and pumps it to the condenser.
COMPRESSOR CLUTCH:Engages and disengages the system.
CONDENSER:A small radiator that extracts heat from the refrigerant and converts (condenses) it from a gas to a liquid, then transports the liquid to the accumulator.
DISCHARGE:To vent all system refrigerant.
EVACUATE:To remove all system moisture and refrigerant.
EVAPORATOR:The component where the liquid refrigerant vaporizes, absorbs heat, and travels on to the compressor. The "cold" part.
LEAK TEST:A check of all system components and connections for refrigerant leaks.
ORIFICE TUBE/EXPANSION VALVE:Regulates the liquid refrigerant going to the evaporator. Here the liquid again changes back into a gas, cools the evaporator fins and gives off cool air that is blown into the car by the fan. The cycle then repeats itself.
REFRIGERANT:The "working" fluid of the A/C system. The refrigerant transports heat from one part of the system to another. It absorbs heat while turning into gas, gives off heat when becoming a liquid.
REFRIGERANT OIL:The system lubricant.
PERFORMANCE TEST:A complete test of all operations of the climate control system.
A/C diagram
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